Bria Cole (President/Founder) - Bria is presently a volume control analyst for Texas Gas service in Austin. Previously she’s worked for 2 years with Dell in the IT department then proceeded to work with Google and GW Communications in the administrative field for roughly 4 years. Her educational history includes attending Concordia University Texas where she received her bachelor’s degree in Business Management and then went on to obtain her Master’s in Business Administration. Ms. Cole brings along with her strong leadership and administrative skills, expense control, along with the passion to empower young women in her community. She’s been involved with various charitable organizations such as the Girl’s empowerment network, the Ronald McDonald House as well as working with Meals on Wheels.

Yvette Calderon (Vice President) - Yvette currently is employed by Advanced Pain Care Development, working in the medical field in development with the primary focus on development and revenue. She attended Austin Community college with a focus on, healthcare administration. She’s involved in various charities such as a non profit organization, PODER, that focuses on human and environmental rights. It was after this experience that Yvette realized her true passion to help others. Yvette brings to the organization her experience and drive to see her community thrive. Her ability to engage people, administrative skills, revenue expertise are attributes that will be a huge asset to the non profit and what we strive to achieve.

Tracy Lazaro (Secretary) - Currently, Tracy is a baker here in Austin, and a portrait photographer on the side. Upon graduating high school early due to her advanced abilities, she went on to obtain her Associate Degree in I.T./Visual Communications. She is extremely passionate of art in all aspects including drawing, painting, dance, and photography. Her experience in the art world allows for her to capture beauty and see things in a different light that most people may not necessarily see. She’s been involved in various organizations such as The Learning Center in Alaska where she would work with young kids in various activities such as reading, playing, and tutoring. Additionally, she was active in 'Dancers Against Drugs' by Janice D. Holst School of Dance, for Red Ribbon Rally, where she would aide in workshops that primarily taught kids specific songs and dance routines to spread awareness. Tracy’s background with young children and passion for art is very beneficial to the group by providing the creative aspects and the ability to connect with the youth that we hope to influence.

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