Bria Cole (President/Founder) - Bria is presently a volume control analyst for Texas Gas service in Austin. Previously she’s worked for 2 years with Dell in the IT department then proceeded to work with Google and GW Communications in the administrative field for roughly 4 years. Her educational history includes attending Concordia University Texas where she received her bachelor’s degree in Business Management and then went on to obtain her Master’s in Business Administration. Ms. Cole brings along with her strong leadership and administrative skills, expense control, along with the passion to empower young women in her community. She’s been involved with various charitable organizations such as the Girl’s empowerment network, the Ronald McDonald House as well as working with Meals on Wheels.

Tracy Lazaro (Secretary) - Tracy is a Loan Processor at a local lending company, and a portrait photographer on the side. Upon graduating high school early due to her advanced abilities, she went on to obtain her Associate Degree in I.T./Visual Communications. She is extremely passionate of art in all aspects including drawing, painting, dance, and photography. Her experience in the art world allows for her to capture beauty and see things in a different light that most people may not necessarily see. She’s been involved in various organizations such as The Learning Center in Alaska where she would work with young kids in various activities such as reading, playing, and tutoring. Additionally, she was active in 'Dancers Against Drugs' by Janice D. Holst School of Dance, for Red Ribbon Rally, where she would aide in workshops that primarily taught kids specific songs and dance routines to spread awareness. Tracy’s background with young children and passion for art is very beneficial to the group by providing the creative aspects and the ability to connect with the youth that we hope to influence.

Gloria Lujan (Board Chair)- Gloria is pretty busy these days being a stay at home mom. She previously worked in early childhood education where she was a lead teacher, she’s also worked with non profit organizations such as Extend-a-Care for kids where she was a site director and the Boys and Girls Club. Gloria attended Austin Community College with a focus in social work. She has always aspired to help others and has done so by volunteering for a variety of organizations in the Austin area. Gloria’s customer service skills, administrative skills, and ambition to better the community are beneficial to the group as well as the lives you are trying to touch.

Brandie Meister (Engagement Director/Board Chair)- Brandie was working full time in varies operations and management positions, while also volunteering with local organizations. Much of the volunteer work is focused around youth and community development. Brandie has volunteered abroad and is pursuing a career with the American Heart Association. Outside of her busy schedule, Brandie enjoys finding new hang-out spots in Austin, as well as hiking, shopping for old books and traveling, all fit into her fast-paced lifestyle.

Teresa Test (Social Media & Marketing Director)-Teresa is a passionate mother and wife who enjoys all things creative. She currently works full time in the health care world where she oversees Social Media and Events. From her days of becoming captain of her high school dance team, she knew that would give her the confidence and skills she needed to lead others. Teresa enjoys helping others and giving back to her community. She loves uplifting women and helping them find their inner confidence and living their truth. A natural fashionista and beauty guru, she aspires to help other women feel beautiful, bold and sexy in the skin that they’re in. She’s had the pleasure of working with other charitable organizations like the Ronald McDonald House, Hand to Hold for NICU parents and Girls Empowerment Network. On her blog,, she shares tips on fashion, styling, beauty and lifestyle.