We are a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization that was created with the intention of facilitating a safe place for women for networking, advice, education, development, charity opportunities, personal insecurities, fashion, sharing successes, guidance, independence, venting etc. This platform is here to encourage open communication and unity as goddesses in the community and to be apart of a strong group of women with like minded ideals. What goals do you strive to accomplish, how can we be there for you today, how can we motivate each other to be the best you can be every single day? This is a place of positive energy free from judgement and serves to uplift you the best that we can. Women empowering other women and fixing each other’s crown held with your head high.

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

Create a safe space for women to collaborate, inspire and encourage one another while improving their communities.


Our Vision

The future is female, we hope to encourage all of our fellow queens to embrace their power and expose more women to opportunities that they may not have had otherwise. We want to impact society in a way where women, especially minorities are viewed as strong leaders in our community and a necessity for organizations to be successful. RQFEOC is here to uplift, encourage and inspire women to be their best selves. We hope to achieve this by providing mentorship for young girls in the city, creating events that emphasize the importance of independence, diversity and self love and promoting a healthy lifestyle where women of all back grounds do not feel alone.

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